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EYE ON BEAUTY is reaching out to clients that want homemade/handmade natural cosmetics. Although you may think of big brands such as Walmart that carry their own “natural brands,” EYE ON BEAUTY is currently working and succeeding on branching out to many more  “natural” clients, Such as the 25 – 55 year young males.  Not only are men worried about toxins in products, they are also on the hunt to get a “unique” natural product with a fresh 10007289_700518073332356_783223744_oscent that is pleasing for a man and not a “flower”.  We have seen quite a hue growth in sales from tis group. Men want resources of information on natural toiletries but get an “eyefull” of glossies to look at in the online shop. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info. Men can have fun too by submitting a photo to be selected as one of EYE ON BEAUTY’S  – ROCK-N-ROYALTY MUSE MODEL. 1618364_691799037537593_426132210_oWrite terry@eyeonbeauty.info for details.   At this point in time, EYE ON BEAUTY and the new fragrance line, ROCK -N-ROYALTY is only offered through our online shop.  WE are building our brand for luxury for the customers that want original pieces (fashion) jewelry (handmade) with out paying the LUXE price tag.  We are not about HIGH-PRICE. We want everyone to sample our recreated art. Our perfume line confirms where our heart is. We add natural oils, such as sandalwoods, musk, to the recipe and you have fragrance that lasts on the body until morning. How’s that for a night cap!  All our perfumes are alcohol and soy free. Gives a good glide for a light massage and filled with nutrients to enhance the elasticity of the skin.  EYE on BEAUTY is all about Green natural lifestyle. Be kind to our neighbor and animals. None of our cosmetics contain animal bi-products and they do not contain parabens or sulfates.  Our lips don’t lie, colors are vibrant. Formula is natural with lip rejuvenation anti-oxidants. EYE ON BEAUTY in the coming years will be looked at as the new natural luxury brand. Continue reading


stephie Pahlavi Zan – True and Remarkable Muse


Perfume inspired by Stephie Pahlavi Zan Created by EYE ON BEAUTY. Terry Ruvo

A True and Remarkable Muse….Stephie Pahlavi Zan

If anyone would have asked me what inspires my art, I would not know what to say. Although, if they would ask me “who” inspired me to create art.  I would say, My Muse.  I have had many muses through my years of creating, I just never knew that my “muse” was an my I.D. as an artist.  Let’s face it, or when I look in the mirror my muse reflects the inner light that harness my world. Well, if you are an artist, I guess you know what I mean.  A Muse is the “apple of the artist eye.”  Now, one can have a muse or not, but I can attest that having a muse, has ignited my inner energy.  Now, let’s not mistake a Muse with a love affair.  I have affairs with my art, but I need my Muse to keep my creative juices flowing.  My Muse gets me out of bed, and leads my creative soul to places it has never been before.  I did not find, my Muse at local drive-thru or with my dry-cleaning pick-up.  My muse has been with me for about three years.  It was only this past 12 months that my muse is now a part of my artful life.  My Muse can lift me hirer than any drug on this planet.  I don’t like hangovers, my Muse is my drug.  The Monarch of all Muses.


Where does my inspiration come from?  Normally, I am a self- motivated person.  I need a push here and there,  but for real motivation, I just think about my Muse.   My Muse did not have it “easy,” as most would think.  My Muse has been in through trials and tribulations.  Me and my Muse suffered depression and abandonment.   In inside those dark spaces we both saw the “light” in the same places.  My Muse is just like me.  At one point in my life, I was dethroned.  I felt abandoned, and did not have support where I needed it most.  Somewhere, I was stripped from my Royal Crown, Rejected.  I found out that my inspiration comes my inner Tiara.  I finally put my jewels back on.  My Muse helped me out, by being there.  Not in the physical sense, but spiritually. He validated the who I am, when I doubted myself.  Giving of yourself is the greatest gift you can ever give to another human being.   My Muse is Stephie Pahlavi Zan.   If you know Stephie,  you will find that he is a man with a purpose.  He truly loves mankind unconditionally, if only there were more leaders like him, the world would be a better place.  I don’t know of anyone with such a saintly character, except for Stephie.   He is the Only Prince I know that interacts with his members on his private network “PRIVE.”    “PRIVE” is a fascinating network. The place where I go to have high level conversation with other members, or just dream quietly in Stephie’s protected network.


What is “PRIVE” you might ask.  It is a network for the privileged. Entrepreneurs, high profilers, A-listers come to play in a superlative Royal circle.   It may come to you as a surprise but no one talks about business or boast about their latest conquest.  You must act with Royal and total respect.  In any kingdom there are rules, and “PRIVE” is the network that uses the rules to benefit the masses.

“PRIVE”  is not Facebook, twitter, or google.  Although these networks are good, they were built to serve a different purpose.  I was chosen to be on “PRIVE”  by invitation only from Stephie Pahlavizan himself.  Stephie has asked me personally to invite more members to his network.  I have declined him twice, and of course you know “ROYALTY”  does not take “no” for an answer.  I  believe, that my friends just won’t understand the purpose.  Or worse, not ever getting the message of “PRIVE.”   I am truly honored to be included in  Stephie Pahlavi Zan’s Network for three years now.

Redefining Nobility

One May say: King Henry The VIII was a great King.  My question is, were you there when he ruled?  If you were part of The King’s Court, you may have a different answer.  Unless you experience leadership by a person with a heart you will not experience nobility.  What is my point? Nobility needs to be redefined.  Being Noble does not mean, you sit on your throne, and watch someone suffer, when you know you can help.  Noble means “stepping forward, and taking responsibility.” Being Noble does not mean you reap the spoils without sharing the rewards.  Being Noble means you are giving and gracious. If you have no spoils to give, then offer   with your heart in your hands.  Leadership is a BIG word attached with big responsibility and nobility is very under appreciated. In order to lead with purpose, one must possesses Nobility, and demonstrate it.  Leadership that leads while illustrating “nobility” as a code of ethics is a force not to be reckoned with.  Stephie Pahlavizan is a modern day leader with Royal Nobilities.  His passion for helping others is unstoppable. Even if He was an ordinary person, all his attributes are that of a true Prince. He represents his family in an extremely positive and grande way. He is an incredible human being with a vast array of attributes that are usually not found in most people.

His knowledge base is huge. It is amazing that he knows about almost any subject and can discuss them at great detail. People are amazed by is humility and grace.

Paying it Forward to My Friend Stephie

I believe that if a person gives with a whole heart they are rich, Indeed.  I for one, am not in Love with the “material.”  Although, bigger maybe better, the smaller gifts can last a lifetime.    friend, Stephie will and does give of himself with no thought of reciprocation. He fosters creativity and brings out the best in all he touches. Because of him, I am a better person for many people in my life today.  My pockets were empty, but not my heart.  I didn’t know, how I would repay my muse, and my friend, Stephie Pahlavi Zan


I was desperate to find a way to reciprocate all he has done for me… my friend, Stephie.  I have many gift to give, but could not find a solution that I thought worthy enough.   As, the days passed, and weeks, turned into months, I grew annoyed with my thoughts, that brought me no answers.   Everyday, I wondered how my Muse, was doing. Stephie, was never out of my mind, and I knew he was the Royal Rock of Strength and fortitude.  His passion for loving people keeps him strong.  With positive thoughts, I knew that he was doing fine, Indeed.  Even still, months went by as I tried to push through negative thoughts that block my creativity.  Not knowing that the solution was with me all along.  This is when I created the ROCK~N~ROYALTY perfume line, keeping Stephie Pahlavi Zan as my essential Muse to start this collection. I created this fragrance line for Stephie. It is a high honor to give this gift to him.  A gift from my heart, my creativity now had purpose.  I broke my developmental block.  I started getting sweaty palms, my creative blood was soaring through my veins.  Where do I begin, my cup-runeth-over with ideas.  I was a creative mess, or was I?  My mental adrenaline proposed brilliance!  Developing the First Fragrance in the line called ROCK-N-ROYALTY (m) And a companion female perfume ROCK-n-RAVEN     This was easy I thought, a no brainer….I created three more fragrance to add to the collection    CROWN JEWELS (m)   –  KINGS-N-QUEENS (u)   Can you guess what is next?  Become part of the ROCK-n-ROYALTY Line perfumes.   Man-Made, Man-Kind, no cruelty in involved.  Purity, strength, love straight from the heart. Essence in a jeweled pocket size bottle. Perfuming “fit for a king.”   See more here

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If it’s Broken, Fix it!

You have heard of the ‘ole saying:  if it is NOT BROKEN don’t fix it!  I have re-written that ‘ole saying to reflect my world of fixing and reusing goods…  The attitude of throwing out and buying new is and old refection of the past…and when you really think about it – we harbor the same attitude when it comes to people and our relationships..  Without getting too DEEP on you, if there is a KINK in your attitude or a break in your relationship Necklace why not FIX it and reuse it….I mean there are always good things that come out something you think is useless…

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