EYE on BEAUTY the Brand

EYE ON BEAUTY is reaching out to clients that want homemade/handmade natural cosmetics. Although you may think of big brands such as Walmart that carry their own “natural brands,” EYE ON BEAUTY is currently working and succeeding on branching out to many more  “natural” clients, Such as the 25 – 55 year young males.  Not only are men worried about toxins in products, they are also on the hunt to get a “unique” natural product with a fresh 10007289_700518073332356_783223744_oscent that is pleasing for a man and not a “flower”.  We have seen quite a hue growth in sales from tis group. Men want resources of information on natural toiletries but get an “eyefull” of glossies to look at in the online shop. http://www.eyeonbeauty.info. Men can have fun too by submitting a photo to be selected as one of EYE ON BEAUTY’S  – ROCK-N-ROYALTY MUSE MODEL. 1618364_691799037537593_426132210_oWrite terry@eyeonbeauty.info for details.   At this point in time, EYE ON BEAUTY and the new fragrance line, ROCK -N-ROYALTY is only offered through our online shop.  WE are building our brand for luxury for the customers that want original pieces (fashion) jewelry (handmade) with out paying the LUXE price tag.  We are not about HIGH-PRICE. We want everyone to sample our recreated art. Our perfume line confirms where our heart is. We add natural oils, such as sandalwoods, musk, to the recipe and you have fragrance that lasts on the body until morning. How’s that for a night cap!  All our perfumes are alcohol and soy free. Gives a good glide for a light massage and filled with nutrients to enhance the elasticity of the skin.  EYE on BEAUTY is all about Green natural lifestyle. Be kind to our neighbor and animals. None of our cosmetics contain animal bi-products and they do not contain parabens or sulfates.  Our lips don’t lie, colors are vibrant. Formula is natural with lip rejuvenation anti-oxidants. EYE ON BEAUTY in the coming years will be looked at as the new natural luxury brand.

Just as GUCCI is to Italy …we be the natural perfumer’s pin-up to pave the way for man-made one-of-a-kind brands. Oh, did I mention made in the USA. A new roaming EYE looking for Beauty like the astrologer looks for the “new” star. Keep your EYE ON BEAUTY and see what we can do.


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